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BlueVue Black Screen Glasses

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Blue Vue Screen Specs - one of our best selling designs featuring polycarbonate lenses with a UV and blue light filter. Designed to reduce the blue light (HEV High Energy Visable) emitted from computers, tablets and phones by approx 30 %.

Helps reduce digital eyestrain, fatigue and discomfort from todays modern screens, whilst making screen viewing more comfortable. Ideal for gaming.

Blue light also reduces the sleep inducing hormone melatonin, especially before bedtime. Filter lenses help reduce such light and can encourage a more normal sleep pattern

Gloss black frame with black arms. Sprung hinges for extra durability. Supplied with a soft protective case.

Available as non prescription and reading glasses.

Also available in Tortoiseshell


Size (cm):

Frame Width 13.8 cm
Arm Length 13.9 cm
Lens Height 3.5 cm
Lens Width 5.1 cm
Nose Bridge 1.7 cm


1. Frame Width 13.8 cm
2. Arm Length 13.9 cm
3. Lens Height 3.5 cm
4. Lens Width 5.1 cm
5. Nose Bridge 1.7 cm